Machinist – Module 5


A hand tool is any tool that is powered by hand rather than a motor. Categories of hand tools include wrenches, pliers, cutters, files, striking tools, struck or hammered tools, screwdrivers, vices, clamps, snips, saws, drills, and knives.

Hand tools have been used by humans since the Stone Age when stones were used for hammering and cutting. During the Bronze Age tools were made by casting the copper and tin alloys. Bronze tools were sharper and harder than those made of stone. During the Iron Age iron replaced bronze, and tools became even stronger and more durable. The Romans developed tools during this period which are similar to those being produced today. In the period since the industrial revolution, the manufacture of tools has transitioned from being craftsman made to being factory produced.

What Will I Learn?

  • Install and remove bronze bushings
  • Press on and remove ball bearing
  • Install and remove mandrels
  • Identify the major parts of broaching equipment
  • Identify various types of vises, their uses and their maintenance
  • Identify various types of wrenches
  • Identify various types of hammers
  • Identify various types of screwdrivers
  • Identify various types of chisels and punches
  • Identify the major parts of Hacksaw
  • Identify various types files
  • Identify various types reamers
  • Identify the major parts of Hacksaw
  • Identify common tapes
  • Tap holes by hand
  • Identify dies used for hand threading
  • Describe the setup, use and safety of the pedestal grinder"

Topics for this course

13 Lessons



Course Details

  • Categories: Machinist
  • Total Lessons: 13
  • Last Update: July 8, 2021

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