Machinist – Module 8

What Will I Learn?

  • List five pricipal abrasives
  • List four principal bonds
  • Determine the functions of the milling machine parts and controls
  • Identify common grinding wheel shapes
  • Understand abrasive, grit size and grade and bond as applied to grinding wheel
  • Describe truing, dressing, and balancing of grinding wheels
  • Distinguish the difference between truing and dressing the grinding wheel
  • Correctly position the single point diamond dresser in relation to the gring wheel
  • Identify different types of grinders
  • Name the components of the Horizontal spindle surface grinder
  • Name devices used to increase the versatility of the surface grinder



Course Details

  • Categories: Machinist
  • Total Lessons: 10
  • Last Update: July 8, 2021

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