Machinist – Module 6

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the major parts of a lathe and their functions
  • Identify all lubrication points on a lathe
  • Determine the type of lubrication needed
  • Make adjustments to the cross slide, compound slide and tail stock
  • Identify various types of toolposts ( standard, turret and quick change.
  • Identify various types toolholding for the lathe tailstock
  • Identify the major parts of lathe tooling for cutting
  • Identify various types of lathe spindle tooling
  • Explain the advantages of collets and describe their setup
  • Explain the uses of drive and face plates
  • Explain drive and shifting procedure for changing speeds on a lathe
  • Describe the use of various feed control levers
  • Explain the relationship between longitudinal feeds and cross feeds
  • Identify the differences in crossfeed screw micrometer collars
  • Correctly set up a workpiece and face both ends
  • Correctly set up a workpiece and center drill both ends
  • Determine the proper feeds and speeds for a workpiece
  • Set up to Drill, Ream, Bore and Tap on a lathe
  • Set up for knurling die threading and parting on a lathe
  • Set up a lathe for cutting external threads to the correct depth
  • Set up a lathe for cutting tapers
  • Identify the parts and explain the set up and use of Steady and follow rests



Course Details

  • Categories: Machinist
  • Total Hour: 10h
  • Total Lessons: 29
  • Last Update: July 8, 2021

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